News – Police Chief Dies in Natural Circumstances 

Sir Edward Dodd CBE, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Policing was declared dead at his home in Kensington in the early hours of yesterday morning. Sir Edward had served in the top policing role in the country since September 1963.

His passing, though sudden, was confirmed as not suspicious this morning. It follows a long and distinguished career in the Constabulary, beginning in the Metropolitan Police in 1931 after serving in the Merchant Navy. He is survived by his wife Margaret and our thoughts are with her. 


News – Women Take Control of Their Bodies 

After a number of successful tests performed on rhesus monkeys Dr John M Morris and Dr Gertrude Van Wagenen have published a paper proving the efficacy of an emergency contraceptive. It has been dubbed the “morning after pill” by some publications and hailed as freedom by some publications, whereas others have deemed it an affront to God. 

Human testing is still in process, but Dr Van Wagenen confirmed that the initial results are promising. It’s believed that a mass production version could be ready as soon as within the next decade. 

Advert – Drummond & Sons Tailor 

There are many articles written about women’s fashion in a number of different periodicals. But the men so often get left behind. It’s all well and good thinking “I’ll wear a suit”, but there’s more to it than that. 

The well dressed man of today knows that it’s a decade for colour and print. And we at Drummond and Sons are fully aware of this. So, if you’re “hip” and “with it” why don’t you write to us and request a copy of our inspiration leaflet

Letters to the Editor. 

Dear Sir, 

In your article dated Tuesday 1 March, you reported that the Soviet space probe Venera 3 crash landed on Venus. Is it a coincidence that a scant couple of days later unidentified lights are found flying around the skies of our fair nation? 

When will our political representatives learn that the will of the people is not for expansion into the unknown reaches of space, but for safety here on earth? We need to ensure that we are able to defend our own before reaching out to the stars. 

News – HRH Queen Elizabeth to open World Cup at Wembley 

It was announced today that Her Majesty The Queen is to open the World Cup Ceremony at Wembley in London later this year. While any score in the beautiful game is unknowable, it is believed that the home teams have a good chance to do well. 

England in particular has been recommended as a favourite, with West Germany a close second. Of course, The Free Agent wishes all of the participating teams the very best of luck! 

Advert – Adventures With Fanny

Fanny Cradock has released a new book – Adventurous Cooking with Fanny Cradock, to use alongside watching her new television series of the same name. 

On sale at a bookstore near you for just 2s/6d, this is the “must have” guide to entertaining dining. Making good use of the now expected piping bag and food colouring,  Fanny’s newest outing does not disappoint. 

Adventurous Cooking with Fanny Cradock, A Personal Approach is on the BBC at 5pm every Saturday. 

News – “Love” Boat Sinks off Brighton Coast 

Yesterday evening at approximately 11:30pm the “Love Boat”, Brighton’s hottest night spot, capsized off the coast. Advertised as the newest concept in evening entertainment, the ship sailed from Brighton Pier at 9pm,offering an evening of entertainment and alcohol before returning to the pier by 1am.

Passengers reported hearing a loud bang before feeling the ship list. The crew moved swiftly and evacuated the ship, no-one appears to have been left behind. Due to the diligence of the crew many of the passengers decided to continue their evening on the beach, attracting the attention of the local population.